Golf Mania

February 13, 2017 @ 7:50 pm – April 1, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
$20 per Ticket
Chance Ryon
(850) 456-7010 ext. 101

When you support The First Tee of Northwest Florida by purchasing a ticket, you also receive an exciting GolfMania electronic sweepstakes game card for free. You are entered to win $1000’s in prize money during the GolfMania sweepstakes! Each CharityMania ticket offers music downloads.

Purchase tickets online!

You can also purchase tickets and have them mailed to you by calling our office! 

72 chances to win!
You have 18 chances to win prize money in each of golf’s 4 major tournaments.

Add up your players’ scores…
Winners are based on the total combined score of your 5 golfers in each major tournament.

Win up to $400 each tournament!
You win if your players have the highest or lowest total combined score.


GolfMania is an exciting and engaging sweepstakes that gives participants the chance to win prize money during each of professional golf’s 4 major championship events. Your sweepstakes game card contains 5 of the top golfers for each of the majors – a different set for each tournament. No two game cards have the same set of 5 golfers in any given tournament. 

Winning game cards are determined based on the total combined score of the 5 golfers in each tournament. The 9 highest and lowest scoring game cards each tournament win prize money! 


Click here for how to play & win!

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